1)     I can never remember what your holiday dates are – especially at Christmas time?

Open and Closure dates can always be found at the end of the monthly statement that is sent out via email. Other than that – please feel free to text me at any time. You will also be emailed regularly with updates. Using the online booking tab it is easy to see when we are open.

2)     Do you do “One offs”?

We do offer a “One Off” service, there is no commitment or contract. You can just use us as you would use any other shop. One offs are cash on delivery.

3)     Do you want any clothes hangers, even if they are not white coated metal ones?

Yes please – we are extremely grateful to receive any clothes hangers that you are able to donate to us, whether they are metal, plastic or wooden. We do not encourage donations of plastic clothes covers from other companies as much, as we have to ensure that they are completely clean and fresh and re usable in a new condition.

4)     What happens if you melt one of my garments with your iron, will you re imburse me?

We are insured for £1m via Simply Business. In the unlikely event that we damage one of your garments while ironing it, you will be fully re imbursed for the price of the item, plus any delivery charges that you incur (or petrol prices) to re order the item. It is helpful to see a receipt for the item, if not, an estimate or current price via a catalogue etc is adequate.

All garments are inspected on arrival at our premises, and if we find any damage, or a stain on a garment on it’s arrival, a note is made and then a label is placed on that item immediately detailing the damage or stain and it’s location on the garment or bedding.

5)     Have you ever lost a garment?

We have never lost a piece of clothing or bedding.  However, we have often been asked “Have you seen my maroon blouse/blue shirt/bright pink duvet?”  Only to be texted back and told “I found it in the airing cupboard/boot of my daughters car/linen basket” (genuine questions and answers).

6)     I don’t use online banking, can I pay you cash?

We accept cash as payment for monthly statements. Receipts are issued. We also accept Paypal, although we would encourage you to either pay using online banking or cash.

7)   I have lost my Loyalty card and I am pretty sure I had 4 signatures on it, can you replace it for me and put 4 signatures on it?

Unfortunately, we are unable to randomly issue signatures on Loyalty Cards. Please ensure that you keep your loyalty card in a safe place and put it in your bag each time for signing.

8)   Can I use my Loyalty Card and the 7/10/14 Day Saver at the same time?

Absolutely yes – this enables you to claim 20% off your ironing on one visit.

Sometimes we offer special promotions – e.g. Christmas/New Year, Easter etc and it is possible to claim 30% off – using a Loyalty Card and a special promotion at the same time. All offers of any kind can always be used together.

9)   Is there an incentive if I ‘Refer a Friend’?

If you introduce a friend to our service, you will receive a £30 credit to your account, once they have taken delivery of and paid for their fourth basket. Just ask them to mention your name when they first book with us.