May 2020 Coronavirus Update and new precautions


Precautions: Incoming ironing bags and handles are disinfected using a 70% pure alcohol mix. Clothes hangers are “put in quarantine” for 5 whole days before re use.

David will be wearing a mask and gloves on all deliveries and collections.

Collection precautions: Commencing immediately: all collections will be made from your door step. Please ensure that your bag is placed outside at the correct time. David will not knock or ring, he will just collect your bag. If you would like a confirmation text that this has been completed please let us know, thank you. David will be wearing a mask and gloves for all collections and deliveries, for his protection as well as yours.

Deliveries:  Commencing immediately: all deliveries will be made to your door step. Please ensure that you are home at the correct time. David will drop your bag outside your door and place your hanging items on top. He will then ring your bell, or knock, and retreat. You will then receive a text confirming your drop off so that you can retrieve your items promptly avoiding creasing and possible theft. Please let us know if you have a preferred outhouse/garage where you would like your items placed/hung. Thank you.

Collection and Delivery at same time:  If you have an arrangement with us which involves collection and delivery at the same time – please note that David will deliver, as above, under “Deliveries”. He will then wait for you to retrieve your items . Please then leave him another bag out, immediately. Thank you.

Our irons feature 6 bar pump high pressure steam.  Automatic steam control is producing 100g of steam per minute. Statistics suggest that steam kills the coronavirus, but we cannot be sure of this at present. Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the metallic ironing board covers between each customer due to high costs involved, so please be aware that customers items will have been sharing the use of two ironing boards.

The polyroll clothing covers we are currently using are now fully bio degradable, so we would ask you to dispose of them yourself, and not re use them at this time during the pandemic.

January 2020:  Just a little update to let you know that we have now added a further 25 weekly slots for collections/deliveries to the website.
Yet again this year, there will be no price increases, however after giving the collection/delivery service free for the past two years we have now had to introduce a £1 charge for collection and a £1 charge for delivery. Obviously if a collection and delivery are made at the same time, there will only be £1 total charged. (This fee will commence 1 February, 2020).

The abortive collection/delivery fines have now been scrapped. 

We are still very grateful to receive any clothes hangers that you have finished using, whether they were ours originally or if you have any others that you no longer require. Around 100 million hangers are thrown away every year in the UK. Sadly, most still end up in landfills where they take centuries to decompose, releasing toxic gases and polluting soil and water during this time. That’s just not acceptable – so please remember to recycle! Thank you. 

The biodegradable clothes covers are still being trialled, however the quality is not great, so we are trying to find a higher quality eco friendly cover. For those of you who choose to receive your ironing back with zero covers, we still have to cover if the weather is particularly bad. We always re use covers where possible. 


Just a reminder here that we still offer the 7/10/14/21 day saver – giving 10%, 15%, 20% and 30% off. The saver can always be used in conjunction with the Loyalty Card. All offers can always be used together – giving a maximum of 100% off.

If you refer a friend – we now credit your account with £30, when they have received, and paid for, their 4th basket. 

The website is always up to date with booking slots, however if you really can not find anything to suit, please text me and I am sure we can fit you in some where.


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