Loyalty Card

We operate numerous special offers and a loyalty card scheme which are detailed below.

Loyalty Card scheme – simply collect 5 signatures and enjoy 10% off your next transaction. No minimum spend. You will be provided with a blank Loyalty Card – as soon as it is full, just decide when you wish to redeem it. Please look after your loyalty card – if lost – the signatures are lost with it. We can supply you with a new Loyalty card, but it will be blank to start with.


 “7 Day Saver” – Not in a rush to get your ironing back? Don’t need it for 7 days? Just drop a voucher into your bag and 10% off will be applied to your invoice – in exchange for you allowing us a full 7 days to complete your order. No minimum spend. (Vouchers available outside front door). This can be used in conjunction with your Loyalty Card.


New “10 Day Saver” and “14 Day Saver”:  The 10 day saver offers 15% OFF, and the 14 day saver offers 20% OFF.